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This link goes to the Oregon Secretary of State website for voter Registration. Keep your registration up to date.

Oregonians for Fair Elections

 Join Oregon Citizens Lobby to advocate for good election law.

Contact your Legislator

The above link will allow you to put your address in and find your legislator and contact info. Send them an email or give them a call.

Northwest Observer articles on

Rank Choice Voting

Election Integrity Groups and Social Media pages:

Oregonians for Fair Elections
Facebook page:

Oregon Abigail Adams: Donna Bleiler

My Party Was Changed Oregon Facebook group: Nicole Chaisson

Oregon Peoples Vote: Ian and Amy Watts

 Watch the Cyber 2022 Symposium, click on the picture below

Steve Trout Transition Doc

Former Oregon State Driector Steve Trout descibes Oregon Election System problems to two 2020 Secretary of State candidates right before the 2020 election.